AEMC 6474 Kit 3 Pole / 4 Pole Ground Tester

AEMC 6474 Kit 3 Pole / 4 Pole Ground Tester
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Ground and resistivity tester package for tower ground measurements
This the only system you will ever need for all types of earth resistance measurements and ground measurement on towers
Resistivity (Wenner and Schlumberger methods)
Ground coupling
Ground potential measurement
Possibility of analyzing the frequency behavior of grounding systems (41 Hz to 5 kHz)
Wide measurement range for optimum resolution
Rejection of interference voltages up to 60 Vpeak
Automatic calculation of the ground coupling coefficient and ground resistivity
Measurement and analysis of tower leg grounding
Recording of results

Product includes:
1) Ground Tester Model 6472 Kit-500 ft
Package includes: Meter, rechargeable NiMH batteries, optical USB cable, power adapter 110/240V with power cord 115V US, two 500 ft color-coded leads on spools 

(red/blue), two 100 ft color-coded leads (hand-tied, green/black), one 30 ft lead (green), four T-shaped auxiliary ground electrodes, one 100 ft AEMC® tape measure, 

DataView® software with ground tester workbook on USB, carrying bag for meter, carrying bag for kit.
2) GroundFlex® Adapter Model 6474 & 5M GroundFlex®
Package includes: GroundFlex® Adapter Model 6474, four GroundFlex® sensors (5m) with twelve color-coded rings, connection lead, two extensions leads on H reel 

(black/green) with color-coded alligator clips, one extra green and black alligator clip, six BNC extension leads, calibration loop, three C-clamps, carrying case with 

wheels and handle for meters, one inverter 12V DC to 120V AC 200 watt (vehicle use) and user manual. 

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